Photoactive Polymers

Congratulations Dr. Tobin

Congratulations to John Tobin who graduated with his PhD. in chemistry. The newly minted Dr. Tobin has spent 5 years as part of the VilelaLab and will shortly be joining the group of Prof. Neil McKeown at the University of Edinburgh as a postdoc. Good Luck!!!

Final Year PhD. Talks

Cathryn Shepherd presents her work on 1,3,4,2-dioxazaboroles for her final year PhD. talk (17th June 2019).


RSC Dalton Meeting

Filipe Vilela discusses photoactive polymers at the RSC Dalton meeting, 10th July 2019.


Jon Weaver PhD. Prize

Congratulations to Dr. John Tobin, who was jointly awarded the Jon Weaver PhD. prize for 2018, awarded to the top PhD. students in the field of polymer science throughout the UK.